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POS System POS System The point-of-sale information system is an electronic system widely used in retail, catering, hotels and other industries. Its main function is to count the sales, inventory and customer purchase behavior of commodities. Operators can effectively improve operating efficiency through this system, which can be said to be an indispensable and necessary tool for the modern retail industry.

Industrial Panel PC Industrial Panel PC It is a computer system embedded in a mechanical or electrical system with specific functions and real-time computing performance.The key feature of embedded systems is to handle specific tasks, so engineers can optimize them to reduce product size and cost, and improve reliability and efficiency.

Mini Computer Mini Computer At present, it has been extended to all reduced instruction set processors, and high-performance 64-bit computers whose performance and price are between servers and mainframes are called minicomputers.

KIOSK KIOSK The interactive information service station is a computer terminal made with specific specifications of hardware and software to provide information and application services for communications, business, entertainment, or education.

KIOSK & POS Accessories KIOSK  & POS Accessories KIOSK can combine several different types of equipment, such as printers, scanners, MCRs, smart card readers, touch screens, RFID, etc. In addition to the entire KIOSK device, we also provide KIOSK peripherals, which are available in different sizes and conform to most KIOSK structures.

Software Solution Software Solution Intralogistics systems are becoming more and more complex. In manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic warehouses, countless processes need to be managed, visualized and optimized. Therefore, you need the assistance of experts. As one of the world's leading suppliers, we provide you with complete IT services.

Automation Peripheral components Automation Peripheral components The smart electronic label system combined with the electronic paper display solution has the advantages of wide communication coverage, long battery life, low installation cost, high data transmission reliability, and high software integration; it is suitable for many emerging IoT scenarios, including Smart retail, smart healthcare, logistics management, industrial automation, etc., provide practical and widely deployable complete solutions.

Parking management system Parking management system The license plate recognition function is currently the most widely used in parking lot automation management, community and building parking access control, and traffic department law enforcement.

Price Checker Price Checker Price checking, hoping to help improve their business, reduce operating costs, improve customer shopping experience, friendly user interface, and provide a rotatable scanning window for operation

Customer Display Customer Display According to radiation theory, CPD series are divided into VFD and LCD types. CPD-3220 (VFD) In ​​the principle of VFD vacuum fluorescent, multilingual single-byte fonts emit bright 2X20 characters. CPD-5000 (LCD), through the multi-backlight LCM template, the LCD panel displays graphics and dual-bit fonts. 5 color options panel.

Scanner Scanner Long-distance image detectors are the leader in cost/performance. These handheld scanner are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Printer Printer Thermal receipt printer, which prints receipts at high speed, is ideal for delivery or fast food service applications. After loading paper, it can be reloaded in a very short time to match the peak time.