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Smart Living Technology

Use ICT technology to strengthen public municipal services, that people can enjoy a better life

  • The trends of digitization, networking, and intelligence are continuing to improve the development of traditional consumer electronic products. Not only are functional designs personalized and connectivity expanded, but also many novel commercial marketing models have been derived.
  • Appostar the main goal is to use smart life and technology management to improve industrial development or provide a more convenient life for human beings.

The era of high efficiency has arrived!

  • We promote sustainable operation of key innovative services , expand industry and creat new business opportunities ; deepen data analysis and research on smart life services.
  • Pershing Technology is committed to establishing a smart life service consulting company and cooperating with major international companies , using the service solutions developed in various fields to strive for opportunities for international exposure and cooperation.
  • Specific achievements in the filed have gradually been revealed.
  • In the future, in sddition to strengthening the localization of services, developing smart city index evaluations, and assisiting local governments to invest in resource planning and design smart life services.