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Compared to the traditional thermal receipt printer, mini printer has smaller body, more reliable capability, more steady printing and portable advantages. The Mini printer can work on a lot of locations, such as the TAXI bill printing, administrative fees receipt printing, post receipt printing, restaurant ordering information printing, online payment information printing, etc. With the rapid popularity of smart-mobile, tablet and so on, Mini printer will be more widely used in the near future.

Mini size suitable for portable application;
● Windows, Java, Linux, Android ,IOS operation system supported;
● Bluetooth, USB and RS232 communication supported;
● SDK for Android,IOS and WIN CE available;
● 1D, 2D barcode (QR code), and image printing supported;
● Can change the printer name, password, baud rate online;
● 57*50 paper warehouse
● One printer can connected with up to 8 smart devices (7 Android, one Apple
device) visa blue tooth;
● Low power consumption and large capacity Lithium battery (1500mAh), 4~5
days standby;
● Powered by rechargeable battery, power adapter, or car charger (specified
● Higher print speed 90mm/sec;
● 100km thermal printer head life;
● Multiple languages supported;
● ESC/POS command set compatible;


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Device name
Can be customized, letter and digital for option, at max 30 ASCII characters.
Working conditions
Temperature:-10~50 degC, Humidity:10%∼90%
Storage conditions
Temperature:-20~70 degC, Humidity:5%∼95%
Other features
Paper detection, manual shut down
Power Adapter
9V DC/2A
Battery Power
7.4V DC/ 1500mAh; battery can stay by for 4-5 days, when it is full power, it can pr int 120-150m paper
USB, RS-232,Bluetooth (optional)
Character set
Alphanumeric/ Chinese Kanji
Paper thickness
0.06 to 0.08mm
Paper dimensions
58.0±0.1mm x diameter 50.0mm
Character size
1.5 x 3.0 mm(W x H)/ 3.0x3.0mm(WxH)
Column capacity
32 columns/ 16columns
Print font
12x24/ 24x24
8 dots/mm(203dpi)
Print speed
Up to 90mm/sec
Effective print width
Print commands
ESC/POS compatible command set
Print method
Thermal line printing
Overall Dimension (W×D×H)

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