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KS Series

Traveling is easier and less hassle thanks to self-checkout machines. Going to the government building every day is not so strenuous. Self-checkout machines are speeding up many of our mundane tasks today and helping you save valuable time. Ability to receive bill payments in exchange for services or goods provided. An example of this is buying a ticket at a high-speed rail station, inserting the money there, and then printing the high-speed rail ticket for you, without requiring you to interact with the bus station staff. The benefit of this is that this streamlined process allows companies to allocate resources elsewhere while still being able to meet customer needs on their own terms.

Excellent CPU performance
Built-in bill acceptor and coin acceptor
Built-in banknote finder and banknote collector
Built-in receipt/e-invoice printer
Front cover design for easy maintenance
Optional credit card machine/2D scanner/NFC card reader
Optional credit card machine
Multifunctional field application